Tectonic supports environmentally conscious choices within both the design and construction phases of the project. When applicable, sustainable building design and green building products can significantly reduce operating costs and improve working conditions for employees. We understand the need to strike a balance between initial costs and life-cycle analysis of all sustainable building products. We are continually researching and evaluating the latest in green building materials and products and can facilitate an owner’s desire to explore and evaluate sustainable products prior to specification in the project.


Green Building Support and Expertise:

LEED accredited staff

Promote sustainable building design:

  • Decrease building operational costs through building and systems energy analysis.
  • Promote end-user input and participation in the design process.
  • Improve space utilization in existing facilities and new construction.
  • Promote improved employee workspaces; including, but not limited to: thermal comfort, indoor air quality, accessibility to daylight and views, use of low-emitting materials and controllability of lighting and thermal systems.
  • On-site recycling of excess construction materials and construction waste management.
  • Promote building and materials reuse, as applicable.
  • Promote efficient water use.
  • Optimize energy performance and the use of on-site renewable energy systems, as applicable.

In an effort to continually advance our understanding of green building products and strategies, Tectonic encourages their employees to explore all aspects of green building technologies and products. New trends in green building concepts are reviewed, investigated and presented to the group in a continued effort to advance our understanding of green building design practices.